On Handling Feisty Girls.

feist·y  [fahy-stee]  adjective, feist·i·er, feist·i·est.

1.full of animation, energy, or courage; spirited; spunky;plucky: 
The Dominant is faced with a feisty submissive.
2. ill-tempered; pugnacious.
3. troublesome; difficult: feisty training issues.

Let’s face it.  Some girls are naturally feisty.  They approach a D/s bond as they do any other challenge in their lives - with a spirited, spunky, plucky style.  They offer resistance and want to experience their Dominant’s strong, unwavering response in order to fully feel submissive.
Other girls - often novices - can initially be troublesome and difficult.  This may be masking a basic need, as feisty girls may actually crave attention and/or discipline to feel complete.  For them - the reassurance of unconditional love and caring from their Dominants - via discipline and aftercare - is vital.
I don’t mind feisty behavior if it is a natural part of a girl’s attraction to me and a natural part of her journey under my hand.  I see this as my role in understanding of her innermost wants, needs, hopes, fears, hungers, and desires - and making her feel complete.  I will never accept a girl who is ill-tempered or pugnacious, as I see no reason for conflict in a bond and have no desire to bear down and break a woman’s core personality.  I will simply release her and wish her well.
If I take a feisty girl under my hand, I quickly teach her that she can be as feisty or as troublesome as she wishes to any man in the world - except me.  I am the one she gives herself to completely - with pride.  While her spirited nature is part of her attraction and thus precious to me, she must learn when to be silent and fall into me, no matter my instruction.
This is not to say that a feisty girl won’t find challenges of her own in the dance on the fringe of darkness with me.  Should she resist a directive, be disrespectful, or push a button of mine, she may find herself in a “compromised” situation, hearing a familiar question which eventually inspires her to follow my lead….

“How’s that workin for ya, girl?”
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